Northamptonshire Historic Churches Trust

Grants to support churches and chapels

Northamptonshire Historic Churches Trust disburses grant funds to assist churches and chapels in the county with restoration projects. Fund raising events such as the annual sponsored "Ride & Stride" are keystones of this important financial support.

You may find out how to apply for a grant, and view the history of grants made in our supporting pages.

Allchurches Trust & Northamptonshire Historic Churches Trust - Roof Alarm Grant Scheme

Allchurches Trust Limited, the owner of the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group, has made funding of £50,000 available to Northamptonshire Historic Churches Trust (NHCT) to make grants for the installation of roof alarm protection systems in churches within Northamptonshire.

This is to be distributed by NHCT on the basis of a grant of up to £1,000 to 50 individual churches in the county, which do not already have a roof alarm system. Allocations will be made on a first come, first served basis.

The conditions to the making of the grant are very straightforward, each church benefiting from the scheme must:

  1. not have already received a grant for a similar purpose directly from Allchurches Trust Ltd;
  2. ensure that the system to be installed is one approved by its insurer;
  3. obtain a faculty, or similar permission, for the installation of the system;
  4. commit to maintaining the system at its own expense for a minimum of 5 years;
  5. agree to an end date by which the grant will be used, and;
  6. return any residual amount to Allchurches Trust, via NHCT, shortly after that end date.

For churches within the Church of England, a faculty is not required for the installation of a roof alarm system. This only requires notice to the Archdeacon of the intention to install a roof alarm and his written consent to its installation.

Metal theft from churches is, regrettably, all too common. As well as damaging our beautiful and historic buildings, it causes expense, distress and frustration. Replacement and subsequent insurance can be costly. A roof alarm goes a long way towards deterring the thieves.

Applications for funding under the scheme should be made to Michael Moore, NHCT's Grants Secretary, at 1 Horrocks Way, Kettering NN15 5DH (Tel: 01536 483505 email: